Apprenticeships at Brickability Group Plc

In line with our continued focus on supporting employee development, we offer a number of apprenticeship courses across our businesses, covering a wide range of skills and qualifications. 

Alongside professional training providers and through utilising the Apprenticeship Levy, we are proud to have over 15 apprentices undertaking a range of courses.

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What we offer

We work with recognised and professional providers as well as local colleges to carry out a number of workplace apprenticeships. The courses we offer not only provide our people with hands-on real life experience in the workplace but also the opportunity to obtain a nationally recognised qualification. Some of the courses we offer include:

  • Level 2 Accounting
  • Level 3 Business Administration
  • Level 3 HR Support
  • Level 3 IT Support
  • Level 3 Team Leader
  • Level 3 Transport and Warehouse Operations
  • Level 4 Accounting and Taxation 
  • Level 4 Sales Executive
  • Level 4 Marketing 
  • Level 5 Human Resources Consultant/Partner
  • Level 5 Operations / Departmental Manager

Becoming a better leader

I am currently completing the Level 3 Team Leader Apprenticeship with Taylor Maxwell, part of Brickability Group. Before starting my apprenticeship I already worked at Taylor Maxwell as a Customer Service Co-ordinator, before stepping up to the Team Leader role and joining the apprenticeship programme.  

Since starting my apprenticeship I have learned a variety of skills around how to deliver feedback to the team, the importance of a present leader within a team and how best to lead while remaining cognizant of the businesses core values.  
I was interested in this course for the knowledge and guidance it can provide me in how best to coach others in a role I already enjoy. I’m looking forward to applying this knowledge, evolving as a leader and continuing to develop these skills throughout my career. 

Chloe Gledden
Customer Service Team Leader - Taylor Maxwell

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Embracing a new challenge

I am currently completing a Sales Executive Level 4 Apprenticeship with Brick Services Limited. Before starting my apprenticeship, I worked as the Year 3 Class Teacher at St. Anne’s Catholic Primary School having previously studied BA (Hons) Primary Education with QTS at the University of Sunderland. In this role I was teaching a variety of subjects, looking after and educating a class of 30 children and helping with any other extra-curricular activities the school offered.

Since starting my apprenticeship, I have learned an incredible amount about the construction industry, been fortunate enough to travel around the UK visiting famous brick works and taken advantage of countless opportunities to develop my skillset. I was interested in this role and course because I enjoy new challenges! Every day is different and I get to meet and interact with a wide variety of people and businesses. I’m looking forward to finishing my apprenticeship and utilising the tools and guidance I have received to make positive impact in the business.

Jack Mulholland
Sales Trainee - Brick Services

Jack Mulholland

A passion for sustainability

I am currently completing a Level 3 Business Administration apprenticeship at UPOWA. Before starting my apprenticeship, I studied at Fareham College, completing and passing a Level 2 Business and Finance Course which helped me gain business experience.

Since starting my apprenticeship I have gained invaluable experience working in a professional environment, both within a team and as an individual. This apprenticeship has helped me develop my teamwork, problem solving and time management skills. These are highly valuable, transferrable life skills and will contribute towards my overall personal and professional growth throughout my future career. I grew interest in this position because UPOWA struck me as an up and coming, ambitious company with huge future goals. My passion is to work alongside likeminded people, working hard and dedicating ourselves to make UPOWA the UK's leader in zero carbon technology.

Tilly Dowling-Smith
Apprentice Operations Administrator

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