Creating opportunities for talent to grow

At Brickability Group PLC we recognise that talented people are at the heart of our success.

Recruiting, developing and retaining our employees is an essential part of our business development strategy.

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Working for Brickability Group PLC

The specialised nature of our operations means that we have some of the most knowledgeable people in the construction industry, it is this that allows us to offer our customers the highest possible service and best products on the market today. 

Brickability Group PLC provides an exciting environment where all our people have the freedom to innovate, learn and develop. 

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A place for everyone

We believe in creating a culture of inclusion, diversity and equity - a place where differences are welcomed, celebrated and appreciated. We are motivated to encourage our people to succeed and strive to offer opportunities for our people to learn and develop. 

Everybody in our businesses has a part to play and we believe in supporting our people to utilise their strengths and skills and provide them with the resources to achieve success.

Why join us?
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Make a difference

We are proud that so many of our people are committed to supporting our ESG strategy and take pride in showing examples of them taking action and getting involved with local initiatives. 

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