ESG Strategy


Partnership working is at the core of our success. We recognise that we have built profitable businesses supporting the construction industry on the quality of our service and the strength of our relationships with both our customers and suppliers. 

We have built an extensive customer and supplier portfolio based on trust and reliability and are working to develop our understanding of the future needs of our customers. This is to create new market opportunities through the use of sustainable technologies or processes. 

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Recent Achievements

level members of the Supply Chain sustainability school

50 +
longstanding relationships with manufacturers

UK Exclusivity
for the new low-impact LOWIE brick range

Our Priorities

Our goal is to strengthen our partnerships with suppliers, enhance our product and service offerings for our customers and future-proof our businesses with responsible procurement. We are committed to innovation through product development, sourcing and importing and are continuing to build on our sustainable product offering.  

Products and Services

It is important to us that we acquire and develop our product and service range to support our customers. We are actively collaborating with suppliers to drive and source innovative, sustainable products.

We will deliver future facing products and services by:

Focusing our NPD strategy on developing new sustainable products and services
Working to reduce emissions from our haulage business McCann Logistics and our freight procurement
Driving cleaner vehicles more economically and for less miles through route planning
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Partnership and Collaboration

Being a brilliant and trusted partner sits at the heart of our mission to support our customers to design and build sustainable developments where people thrive. We understand the needs and expectations of our supplies are changing rapidly as they face their own challenges of how to live and work for a sustainable future.

We aim to be a trusted partner and collaborate to support the supply chain by:

Establishing common goals, working with integrity and professionalism to uphold our values
Achieving excellence in partnership feedback annually
Communicating and sharing our ESG progress to drive change and grow confidence in our Group
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Responsible Procurement

We recognise that our future customer base will increasingly rely on us to provide them with the right products for their own sustainable developments, as well as the information on the environmental impact of the products we supply. We are focused on building visibility of our supply chain and understanding our impact.

We will invest in responsible procurement by:

Improving the transparency of our supply chains
Building the knowledge and expertise of our team in supply chain management
Maintaining zero modern slavery in our supply chain
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ESG in action

Across our businesses, we're proud that our people come together to get behind our ESG strategy and support their colleagues and local communities. 

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