Environmental policy

Our approach to the environment and environmental issues embraces a collective response that put our suppliers and customers at its centre. Our aim is to help reduce the use of precious resources, to act on climate change and the creation of less waste. We will identify a number of key environmental performance indicators (KePI) that are appropriate to the Brickability Group and will report on these in our annual report.

The Directors believe that as a supplier, we have a responsibility to ensure that the manufacturers of the materials we distribute are of the best quality and manufactured to the highest environmental standards. We work closely within the supply chain to facilitate the availability of Environmental Product Declarations where appropriate. In our Roofing operation we operate a ‘chain of custody’ over the timber products used and our Joinery businesses are fully committed to sourcing Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) certified products.

The Green Building Council indicate that the use of building products can contribute up to 10% of UK greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, up to 13% of building products delivered to construction sites are sent to landfill without ever being used (Technology Strategy Board). The Brickability Group can make a difference; our precise scheduling, project management and efficient delivery of materials can all help to reduce waste on site.

We aim to minimise the lasting impact of our activities on the environment and sustainability is a feature of the products we market. Our commitment is this is embedded in one of our core values:

  • To comply with all relevant legislation
  • To continually improve by setting objectives and targets
  • To employ best practice to minimise waste, prevent pollution, and to maximise the efficient use of resources’ mainly fuel and energy
  • To ensure that all of our employees are involved with our health and safety policy and are trained to enable them to carry out their duties

The Brickability Group will supply materials of the highest quality and will continually improve our service to our customers.

For more information, see our full Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) strategy, click here.