Providing a high level of service.

Crest was established nearly 30 years ago. Our people are engrained in the industry and have a passion for what they do and we are always pleased to share this knowledge and experience with our customers. We make customer satisfaction our utmost priority, hence we strive to provide a high level of service not found too often these days.

In addition to our core building products we also supply natural and composite stone and with it, a consultative approach to bespoke items which can vary from lintels and balustrades to staircases, floors and external wall panels.

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Crest offer an extensive portfolio of core building products from which customers can choose from our superb range of bricks, blocks and Nelskamp roofing tiles. All of our products are designed to compliment and enhance any type of build. From our exclusive collection of bricks, roofing tiles and blocks we are happy to advise and co-ordinate the supply from specification through to nationwide on-site delivery.

Our Services

  • Supply of bricks, roofing tiles and aerated concrete blocks

  • Brick matching

  • Direct delivery to sites across the UK

Our Products

  • Clay Facing Bricks

  • Paving Bricks / Clay Pavers

  • Linea’ Long Format Bricks

  • Glazed Facing Bricks

  • Engineering Bricks and Specials

  • Clay and Concrete Roofing Tiles

  • Solar/pv Roof Tiles

  • Fibre Cement Slate Roof Tiles

  • Aerated Concrete Blocks

  • Natural and Composite Stone