ESG | 07 Mar 2022

Carbon Net Zero 2030 - Together for the Future

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Brickability Group plc supplies and, in some cases, instals building materials to specifiers, contractors, developers and builders across the UK. From core products and services including bricks, blocks, cladding, masonry, roofing, heating, plumbing, doors and flooring, through to future facing solar PV, battery storage and electric vehicle charging technologies.

We’re driven by our purpose. To support our customers to design and build the highest quality, sustainable developments where people thrive.

Our diverse leadership team is made up of over 30 self-made entrepreneurs and a brilliant senior management team. Between us we’ve built a deep understanding of our customers and the construction supply chain. We’re proud to deliver exactly what our customers need in a responsible and ethical way, meeting all our legal environmental obligations.  However, as we look to the future, it’s time for the Brickability Group to apply our drive, focus and entrepreneurial skills to the most important challenge any of us has ever tackled – to do everything we can to respond to the enormous environmental challenges facing our climate, planet and communities.

The built environment is a major contributor of global carbon emissions and consumes a huge proportion of the world’s natural resources. The construction industry needs to play a significant role in reducing this. We need to collectively minimise our resource use and eliminate carbon emissions. We know that to change the way we do business is simply the right thing to do. But we have also listened to what our customers are telling us they want and need from their suppliers in the future.

Led by the Brickability Group plc Senior Board, we are challenging ourselves to transform quickly into a business that treads lighter on the planet.  We aim to be carbon net zero in our own operations by 2030 and to be carbon positive by 2035.

Understanding and measuring our direct impact and emissions and taking action to mitigate is now underway and is the primary focus of our immediate actions. We already have an emissions reduction plan and following our recent acquisition of renewable energy experts HBS New Energies we are confident we can make swift progress.  We’re also exploring plans to invest in learning, innovation and collaboration across the supply chain. We’ll be working closely with our suppliers to understand our full footprint and identify and make changes to reduce carbon and other environmental impacts.

We are delighted this week to launch our Brickability Group plc Foundation.  A registered charity that will make a real impact in our communities and we hope to the natural world. It will also support and celebrate the achievements of our staff and customers. We are ambitious to make significant change happen, not just through business transformation but through this huge opportunity to give back and help restore balance.

We still have a lot to learn. But we’re on the path. Our team is on board, and we are ambitious to show what can be done. Our full Brickability Group plc Corporate Social Responsibility strategy addressing our environmental and social impact will be launched in August 2022. We look forward to sharing this with you and working with all our customers, suppliers and partners to drive the urgent change our planet, people and communities need to see.

Paul Hamilton, Chief Operating Officer