Projects | 11 Jan 2022

HBS New Energies Walton Water Treatment Works Project

Our latest acquisition, HBS New Energies (HBS NE), have recently installed 1,216 455W solar PV panels onto a dual piled framework system at Affinity Water’s Walton Water Treatment Works (Walton WTW) in Surrey.

Hbs energies solar panels pv project

When energised and complete, the solar array will generate enough zero-carbon electricity to provide up to 10% of Walton’s annual energy consumption; an important first step in Affinity Water’s plan to develop their renewables portfolio and achieve net zero operational emissions by 2030.

The solar installation at Walton WTW forms part of phase one of the Affinity Water Solar Programme, with further solar projects planned in the coming months.

  • Location: Walton Water Treatment Works
  • kWp: 553 kWp
  • No of solar panels: 1216
  • No of piles: 401
  • No of inverters: 4

Congratulations to the team at HBS NE on what will soon be another successfully delivered project that is helping businesses to operate more sustainably.