Results and Reports | 21 Jul 2022

Preliminary Results for Year Ended 31 March 2022

Preliminary Results 1

Chairman John Richards said: “FY2022 has been a transformational year as we focused on strategically developing the Group both organically and acquisitively. The year saw the Group move into new segments within the market, increase our import and distribution capacity, expand our customer and client base and build upon our existing product portfolio, all of which has enabled us to capitalise and respond to the strong demand across our sectors and achieve our key operational and financial objectives. This has been another successful year for the Group and yet again the results achieved are thanks to the Group’s adaptability, diversity, strength and ability to work together to meet demands, manage pressures and seize opportunities. We remain positive with regards to the market outlook and the board is confident in the Group’s ability to continue delivering on its strategy.”

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