Vobster Architectural

As a cast stone company, Vobster Architectural specialise in designing, detailing and manufacturing premium quality wet cast stone, semi-dry stone and glass reinforced concrete (GRC) products. We’ve spent more than 55 years developing and refining our solutions and today provide a level of service that we believe is second to none.

We aim to collaborate with you as closely and as early as possible in your project, to gain a complete understanding of what’s needed. It means we can spot opportunities, highlight potential problems, save you time and money and maximise the quality of the final build. This is value engineering with personal attention to detail.

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The use of cast stone offers the designer the flexibility to choose their required colour, texture, finish and stone unit dimensions. Frequently manufactured products include finishes contain no pigmentation and are solely the natural colours of the aggregates within them.

The performance of cast stone is superior to quarried natural stone with regard to its increased strength and reduced moisture absorption, resulting in improved freeze/thaw durability. This offers the designer a new range of options such as bespoke sized units with stand-alone structural performance which is not achievable from quarried natural stone.

Our technical team can provide expert advice for stonework and fixing design, and then later support the contractor through the installation phase.